Frigolab San Mateo is a privately owned company located in Manta, Ecuador and is a member of the Alfa Gamma Group (“AGG”) a conglomerate of seafood companies which operates seven processing facilities and fishing fleets in Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Mexico and the United States . We have been in business for more than 20 years engaged in harvesting, processing, exporting and marketing fresh and frozen ocean caught seafood.

We own and operate the largest and most modern frozen seafood factory in the region with 15,000 square meters of infrastructure, state of the art equipment; including vacuum packing machines, automatic graders, metal detectors, laser cutting machines and powerful blast freezers that allow us to quickly freeze at -45F which is an important factor in ensuring product quality and conservation. Our installed capacity is 150MT per day of raw material and 1500/ MT of storage in three cold stores.

In addition we own and operate one of the largest fleets in Ecuador with more than 60 boats. Our crews are highly trained in HACCP principles and use state of the art fishing equipment and electronics.

Our plant operates under NSF and SQF 2000 Level 3 certifications and in compliance with a certified HACCP plan; aqui se saco therefore debe de ir solo our quality is guarantee.

We place special emphasis on product care. All of our products are subject to rigorous inspections starting from the moment the fish is caught, through its processing, packing, storage and shipping, making it possible for us to guarantee products of the highest quality in accordance with the demands of international markets.

All of our products are lot coded and can be traced back to the harvest location, production date and fishing vessel.

Having complete control of the entire operation from the fishermen to the distributor provides us with the ability to adapt to each specific market and meet our customer’s needs.

Our Vision is to be a world class company, a leader and innovator.

Our Mission is to give the best value to our customers.